Asphalt Paving in Powhatan, VA

Elevate Your Home’s Charm with a Sleek Asphalt Driveway

Your home is already a stunner, but picture it with a sleek black asphalt driveway that paints your home’s entranceway—right up to the front door.

Investing in your driveway isn’t just about practicality – it’s about boosting your property’s appeal. It’s like putting a spotlight on your home’s exterior, showcasing its best features while keeping your cars safe from damage.

Enter Capital Paving, your go-to asphalt paving pros in Powhatan, VA. With over 40 years of paving prowess, we’re the folks to call when you’re ready to give your property a pavement makeover.

Whether you’re in the heart of Powhatan or somewhere on the outskirts, we’re here to pave the way to a more visually aesthetic property.

Crew member paving an asphalt driveway in Glen Allen Virginia

Residential Paving Services in Powhatan, VA

When you’re sprucing up your home—whether it’s a new purchase or a renovation project—don’t overlook the driveway. It’s the welcome mat to your abode, so it should be not only practical but also eye-catching.

An asphalt driveway can work wonders, adding serious value to your home and giving it a facelift in one fell swoop.

At Capital Paving, we’re all about using top-notch equipment and tried and true paving techniques to give you a driveway that turns heads. As a premier driveway paving company in Powhatan, our contractors have years of experience in giving you the driveway you envisioned.

After installing your new driveway, our team protects your asphalt from oil stains, UV rays, cold weather cracking and more by using a specialized seal coating. Preventing damage for a driveway that lasts for years.

From start to seal coat, our crew will ensure your new pavement shines bright for years to come.

Repair & Protect Your Driveway

Let’s face it—even the most solid asphalt can show signs of wear over time. Cracks, bumps, unleveled spots, you name it. But fear not—we’re here to patch things up.

Our residential driveway repair services cover everything from resealing to resurfacing, crack filling to gravel work. Whether it’s a minor touch-up or a complete driveway overhaul, our team, equipment and skillset gets the job done right.

Dedicated to providing the best paving services across the gamut, our residential driveway repair services include:

If a significant portion of your driveway is riddled with cracks and needs repair, we suggest starting over with new asphalt.


Trust Your Powhatan, VA Driveway Wizards

When it comes to boosting your home’s curb appeal, Capital Paving is the name to trust. We’ll give you honest advice tailored to your project, ensuring your driveway complements your home perfectly and in a way that fits your budget.

Powhatan homeowners, rejoice—your dream driveway is just a call away. Let Capital Paving work our magic and give you the driveway you’ve always wanted.

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